June 27, 2015


We left Lewis and Clark pass at about 7 am. We were unable to get any cell service so we didn’t yet have a ride into town. After our first arduous climb of the day we took a break. HoJo got 2 bars of AT&T service and used it to text Frodo. She was in town and could give us a ride at 11:30. HeHo!

We pushed on through more pointless up and downs. Grades of 50% or more are nuts. After Green Mountain I climbed to the next peak. There was a cairn on top, another one going down, and the trail could be seen going along a saddle way down there. I continued straight ahead until HoJo said we are off trail. The CDT Hiker app showed the trail somewhere over to the right past some trees. I asked if we should bushwhack over there, and we did. Big mistake. We kept getting deeper into thick brush on a steep side slope with lots of debris. It was like going through a car wash, getting whacked and scraped. After wading through this for about 20 min we finally found trail. We should have back tracked.

We made it to Rogers Pass with the temperature over 90 degF. Frodo was waiting there with cold colas and cherries. HeHo!

Some of the hotels were booked but we found a spacious room at the Blue Sky. We took Frodo to lunch and I had way too much soda. An hour later at the laundromat I felt like a balloon ready to pop. We went back to the room for a nap and I felt much better.

After listening to the Pirates win I had a big steak and a few beers. A nice end to the day and the ling hike through the Bob.