April 23, 2015

I kinda dread today, because I have to go to the post office. I always feel like the dumbest person there because I have a hard time understanding the options of boxes, rates, schedules, etc.

It starts with me figuring out everything I have, don’t have, and need. That depends on my estimate of how many days between stops. Looking over maps and such I deduce:
– 3 days to Gila Hot Springs. I plan to stop by there but not spend a day, keep on hiking. There is a store called Doc Campbell’s but they don’t have much there other than good ice cream. Since I haven’t mailed any supplies there yet and mail is slow getting there, I will carry food in my pack for the next stretch …
– which is 7 days to Pie Town, which has pie (of course) but little else. Therefore I need to mail food there to a place I plan to camp called the Toaster House. It is a house that is available to hikers for laundry, showers, and such. When I get my package at the Toaster House, it will have provisions for the next …
– 5 days to Grants, which is a town with hotels and stores. I plan to have a zero day there and resupply

Given this brilliant 15 day plan, I had a very nice breakfast at Adobe Cafe (great customer service), bought needed provisions and went to the post office to mail it to Pie Town. Whew!

(And I listened to the Pirates win; HeHo!)

Relieved to be done with my mailing chore, I printed out a new health insurance card at the library, had a mocha and muffin, and had gelato at Alotta Gelato (great place). My VISA card that worked 20 minutes earlier at the coffee place was declined. After 45 minutes calling 3 different numbers to my credit union I am not sure what happened and somewhat lacking in confidence with them.

Bounce is back in town, met with him and his hiking buddy Mike at Little Toad (again) for non- intoxicating fare. I want to hit the trail in fine form tomorrow. By the way, my credit card worked.

Silver City has been great. Tried a lot of different restaurants, liked them all, plenty of others I didn’t get to. Tomorrow begins a new adventure.