September 2, 2015


I had a pretty easy downhill from Bowen Pass on a very nice day. I enjoyed seeing the sites I experienced last year on my hike. I made it to Grand Lake just after noon and checked into the fabulous Shadowcliff hostel.

This place is one of the nicest I’ve stayed in, and only $25 for a bunk. It sits high up looking down on the magnificent lake. I did the usual town things and then had a great spaghetti dinner with Scout, Frodo, Whistle, Wonderer, Guyonabuffalo, Crosby, and Apache. After dinner we played Scategories. During one of the rounds, we had to choose a notorious person whose name began with “P”. Wonderer said “Pat Dixon”. HeHo!

This is a really nice town, but resupply was expensive. I will be heading to Breckenridge tomorrow to meet my brother, and probably take the Silverthorne shortcut.