May 26, 2015


I got an early start and got to the Chama post office when it opened to get my new cook pot and Platypus (HeHo) and get a few things out of my bounce boxes. I took the old cook pot and some other non-essentials down to the Chama Trails Inn for my return

I got packed and washed the sheets but they were still in the dryer by the time I had to leave. Mary was a great host to us and we all wanted to pitch in to thank her

The NCRTD ride Dr John and I got to Ghost Ranch was nice and free of charge.  We got our tents setup and I had time to hike the Chimney Rocks trail before dinner

At dinner we saw Radar and Peru. There weren’t many other hikers around, but we did also see M80 and Trooper. Radar had a new credit card from my credit union that somehow was mailed to Pie Town a month ago

I went to the library where no internet connection was working, but I did enjoy instant apple cider as I studied my maps. I then went to the welcome center where internet connectivity does work. I replayed videos of the Bucs’ 5th win in a row, posted the MP3 of “Back on the Trail” to the CDT 2015 Facebook group (thanks Marj and Disco) and got caught up with email. What made it better is that after having a lean dinner I raided the nearby hiker box for peanut butter and tortillas, which sent me to bed on a mild and pleasant evening in a good mood

Back on the trail tomorrow: HeHo!