October 7, 2015


My last day on the CDT

It began cold, of course. On my lumpy camp spot next to a cairn I boiled some water in the dark to make warm Raisin Bran. I waited for light while laying in my bag. As soon as I saw some sun, I got packed up and down the trail

The weather was good and the scenery really good. The tread still sucked until I got about halfway through. Then the tread began to resemble hikeable trail. It was pretty easy with a light pack and easy contour

Because CDT Hiker crashes every time I open it, I went by paper map. This meant I didn’t know exactly where I was, but I knew I was on trail. I saw the road for quite a while, but the trail runs parallel to the road for several miles keeping it tantalizingly close.

I eventually ended up at train tracks just 10 minutes before my noon estimated completion. As I descended under the trestle I saw a red car and my sister Marj approaching with a camera.

HeHo! I was done. After several photos, I was bound for a wash, change of clothes, and High Country lunch

I’m back to civilian life. A great 6 month adventure ends, but many friendships have begun. I really appreciate everyone that supported me on this hike.

See you down the trail