Mail Stops

I will be able to receive and send mail at several stops along my hike if you would like to correspond with me.  If you are planning to send mail please send to the addresses given in the CDT Mileage Plan, but understand that my stops may change if weather or other circumstances force me to alter my route.  I will be updating my plan if changes occur, but it’s best not to send anything too far in advance.

When sending mail:

      • If using US postal service, make it Priority Mail, First Class or Parcel Post.  Express mail is known to have problems delivering to CDT hikers
      • Mark the box/letter in the lower left corner with:  HOLD FOR CDT HIKER PAT DIXON   ETA ( )  Use the estimated date I plan to arrive at that stop which is given on the chart below
      • Decline any signature services when not sending it to a post office.  If the postal deliverer requires the hotel or restaurant to sign for receipt it will cause problems.  If it is general delivery to a post office, signature service is not a problem.
      • Please inform me that you are sending something to a stop so that I know to ask for it when I get there.  Otherwise they may not know to give it to me.  You can post this to my Facebook page or leave it in the comments field below.

CDT Mileage Plan


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