My Mom

My mom was diagnosed with PSP in 2008, when she was far too young.  She was a wife, sister, friend, mother and grandmother to many who loved her.

Mom was involved in everything, and friends with everyone.  She played golf, was a master gardener, a gourmet cook, and was a member of bridge clubs, golf leagues, book clubs, investment clubs, and spent hours volunteering through the Christ Child Society.  She was the life of the party, and never missed one!

PSP is a fatal disease and over the course of 5 years it took a toll on my mom.  Watching her disappear slowly in front of us was as tough for her as it was for us.  She developed difficulty with her balance and eventually was unable to walk.  She was confined to a wheelchair and lost her ability to move some of her limbs.  Her ability to swallow was impaired, so she had to be fed with only thick liquids to prevent choking.  She gradually became unable to talk, which was the hardest for her and for us.  Although she could no longer communicate with us, she saw and heard everything.  The horrible part of PSP is that you are trapped in a body that no longer functions, and are completely aware that you are dying.

I am working to create more awareness of PSP and other degenerative brain diseases.  My hope is that this hike, and this website, will generate research funding to help find a cure for others suffering from these diseases.  My mom participated in a research trial for an experimental drug that they hope might help patients like her.  Although it was too late to save my mom, I am hopeful that these efforts will be successful in saving someone else’s mom.

I am asking you to sponsor my hike, mile by mile, toward my goal with all donations going to CurePSP.  Please consider making a donation to CurePSP, a wonderful organization that is working hard to find new treatments for patients.

Thank you for your support!


  1. Elberta Smoak-Goldsmith

    Hi Pat! Frank let me know about your amazing adventure. Wow! This looks so exciting. My parents after they retired went on a 52 day canoe adventure thru Alaska’s Inland Passage. Can’t wait to see all your pictures and hear the stories! Be safe! Berta

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